Server Merge and New Server

22.04.2020 11:28

The time has come - tomorrow we will merge servers. More people, more fun, more social activity!

We will also open a brand-new server "Criohoxus".
Great adventures are awaiting you. 

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Eternal Fury Team

Update - New Sets, Fabled Shop

21.04.2020 12:23

Heroes, a new update is available.
Fabled Shop - collect the crystals and exchange for valuable items.

You can use Fabled Crystals to exchange for special items in the Fabled Shop. Fabled Crystals can be obtained by purchasing them or completing events.

3 new classes are waiting to be discovered:

Easter Update - Veteran Summons, New Mercenary

10.04.2020 12:03

New update is available! The Easter is coming, so we have prepared a special something for you. Let's dive in! 

Easter Lucky Slot is now available. Play the machine to get awesome rewards!

The rewards depend on from the combination you get. 

Exchange your slot points to get cool rewards including the Eidolon Wings!

Veteran Summon added. You can s... Read completely >

Happy Valentine's Day!

14.02.2020 12:19

Happy Valentine's Day, heroes!
We have added a brand-new Valentine's Day Lucky Wheel to the game. 

Obtain a chance to win those great items and become the greatest warrior. 
Get roses and exchange them for valuable prizes ;)

Exchange the points you get from the roulette and get amazing rewards!

Valentine's Day Events are waiting for your. Login rewards, rech... Read completely >

Update - Dragon Treasure

14.01.2020 13:51

Heroes, we are ready to announce the next update. 

Dragon's Treasure is now available! Play this mini game to get rewards. 
The lower level badges and magic circles can be synthesized into the higher ones in blacksmith.

Added the reward system for stars in Daily dungeon.
Added the auto-fight function on world boss.
Added the reward system for battle attempts for... Read completely >

Thanksgiving Day events

28.11.2019 12:47

Happy Thanksgiving Day, heroes! 
We have prepared a brand new Carnival event for you! Get turkey legs and get magnificent rewards!
To receive a reward in Roulette, players must use the item to spin (new).
Roulette has a total of 12 items. Each rotation is a separate move, received items do not disappear.

To receive a reward in Roulette, players must use the item to... Read completely >

Update - Bug Fixes, Gift Packs

22.11.2019 13:15


A small update was made for the game. List of current changes:

  1. Artifact and Arifact's Runes stats are rearranged. Small optimization was made to help you to put them to a good use.
  2. Added VIP 10-11 and 12. More stuff for the VIP players! 
  3. New gift packs are available now. 
  4. 7-Day Revelry is now extended to 14 days. More time to get your rewards!
  5. Adde... Read completely >

Update - Halloween, Artifact Resonance

29.10.2019 11:46

The update is here, and this is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, ugh, a little carried away here. 
Let's get right to it!


Halloween is in town
Find hidden pumpkin chests to get marvelous rewards. 

And don't miss our new pumpkin king and queen styles!

For Halloween update there are two chests (Pumpkin Chest ... Read completely >

Update - Exotic Lands

03.09.2019 17:48

A new update will be soon available. 

A passage to Exotic Lands  has opened. The gods broke out at dusk, descended, guiding you, hero. 
By commanding the spirits of the world you will be able to find different ancient artifacts, opening the holy places of the gods, and helpi... Read completely >

Update - Merc Quests, Artifact and more

20.08.2019 12:13

New day comes, and so is the update! 

Artifact - gain mysterious weapons of gods to smash your enemies. 

New artifacts system grants you access to various artifacts that will help you to slay your enemies, that can be upgraded into powerful weapons.
Guide will be available soon. 

Mercenary quests - send your mercenaries o... Read completely >