New server - Mount Malo Town

30.01.2023 21:04

Mighty Leaders,

​New server — Mount Malo Town — has been opened today!

Bet this town will exceed your expectations. What might one think of hearing a "mountain town"? Few houses, a tavern, a barn... That's all. But Mount Malo Town is much of a difference. More of a city than a town. Hundreds of houses, townhall, barracks, fortified walls. Such a great place to build yo... Read completely >

Weekend Events 27.12-30.12

26.01.2023 20:13

The first month of the year is coming to an end. There are still lots of things to do and lots of goals to achieve. Keep it up! Now let's discuss the Weekend Events in Rise of Angels

Spending Points Exchange, Expense Ranking and Luck Card will start on Friday 27.01.2023 and last till Monday 30.01.2023Outstanding reliques and awesome costumes are waiting for the braves... Read completely >

Weekend Events 20.01-23.01

19.01.2023 22:06

Have you ever wondered how old the Floating City is? One might think that it was built after the last demonic invasion. But in fact the city was created by an anciet guild of mages far before the demons appeared. The old prototype had one big disadvatage: it could not fly, just float in several metres above the ground. Only several hundreed years ago greatest minds of the hu... Read completely >

Neuer Server - Si'anma Town

16.01.2023 19:13

Mighty Leaders,

​New server — Si'anma Town — has been opened today!

Si'anma Town is known for its two towers — Si'anma Towers. They have been built thousand years ago and still stand high upon the ground. At first this constructions guarded the path across the mountains. Than a small frontier post appeared. It developed into a village. And at the moment initial dozen o... Read completely >

Weekend Events 13.01-16.01

12.01.2023 20:14

First Weekend Events in Rise of Angels are about to start in the year 2023. We hope that the Year of the Rabbit will become the most awesome year of this century. Let's do our best to make it so! 

Spending Points Exchange, Expense Ranking and Luck Card will start on Friday 13.01.2023 and last till Monday 16.01.2023Nice reliques and sweet costumes are waiting for the bra... Read completely >

New Server Sphinx

11.01.2023 14:40

Greetings, Heroes!

Our newest US server "Sphinx" will be going live tomorrow (12.01.2023) at 12pm EDT, and we've got some special activities lined up for its launch.
Don`t miss your chance to be the first on all tops!

Best wishes, G'n'M Team

New server - Marblehurst

09.01.2023 21:43

Mighty Leaders,

​New server — Marblehurst — has been opened today!

Covered with snow and ice it might not look like the best place for a camp. But if you take into account a vast network of caves and caverns, underwater rivers with fresh water and plenty of fish, giant shrooms perfect for building barricades or creating a campfire... then everything falls into a groove... Read completely >

Happy New Year!

31.12.2022 16:02

Dear friends,

Happy New Year to all of us!

We wish you all the best: lots of joy and happiness, great health, plenty of interesting goals to achieve and deeds to do. Always try to become a better person and share all the good things with people around. Congratulations! 

Let’s do our best in 2023! 

Don’t forget to visit your beloved games, there are many interesti... Read completely >

Weekend Events 30.12-02.01

29.12.2022 23:06

We are about to witness an interesting phenomenon: Weekend Events in Rise of Angels that will start in the year 2022 and come to an end only in 2023. A one-year-long event! Kind of. Now let's talk about them a little more!

Expense Ranking, Faberge MuseumSpending Points Exchange and Olymp will start on Friday 30.12.2022 and last till Monday 02.01.2023Amazing reliques a... Read completely >

Merry Christmas and happy hoildays!

24.12.2022 19:49

Dear friends,

CreaGames team wishes you Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Once again the most magical and wonderful time of the year is finally here! Beautiful decorations everywhere, families and friends all around, atmosphere of joy and relaxation... Just what we all need right now! Have some awesome time, share warmth and smiles with your beloved once and leave al... Read completely >