Weekend Events 07.10-10.10

06.10.2022 23:16

Shadow show is widely spread in the Floating City. Not only is it fun, but requires much less space than classic theaters and allows to automate the show. A little bit of magic, some new technologies and devices, one big scheme — and everything is set up for the entertainment! Now let's talk about the Weekend Events in Rise of Angels

Expense Ranking, Faberge MuseumSpe... Read completely >

New server - Westille Village

03.10.2022 23:18

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Westille Village - has been opened!

Even though it was a prosperous place with traders, caravans and lots of different goods once, now Westille Village is a little bit abandoned. One might think it is still filled with life, because travelers can hear different sounds from time to time, notice moving shadows and falling objects. And they w... Read completely >

Weekend Events 30.09-03.10

29.09.2022 17:10

Sport is life, sport is love. And autumn is not the reason to stop doing it. Jogging is awesome, but the lack of space affects its popularity. That is why rock-climbing is the new trend. Administration created special places where everyone interested can try their skills. Rock climbing is not only fun but useful for the future: the Floating City has many tall buildings. Now ... Read completely >

New server - Gabrellaville

26.09.2022 21:09

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Gabrellaville - has been opened!

Gabrella was one of a kind. Unique mind with outstanding skills in both art and arms. The greatest warrior of the Colossum. The bloody shadow of the massacre. The blade-bringer of the fallen. The one, who could slay the gods themselves... 

Dare to take down the legend, huh?

Sincerely yours,
CreaGa... Read completely >

Weekend Events 23.09-26.09

22.09.2022 20:32

What is the main color of autumn? Red? Yellow? Brown? Orange? All these answers are wrong! In the Floating City the main color of the fall is  purple. Because during these months a special kind of fruit is finally ripe — Purple Berry. It is big, juicy, sweet and... purple. One of the main dyes and a delicious snack itself! Now let's talk about the Weekend Events in Rise of A... Read completely >

​New server - Fort Sugani

21.09.2022 23:13

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Fort Sugani - has been opened!

This place was once conquered by an outstanding warrior and commander - Sugani. He was a man of sheer and strong policies. Under his command this fort became the greatest fortress of the west. But times have passed, the old is now forgotten, the new is about to rise.

The time has come!

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Weekend Events 16.09-19.09

15.09.2022 13:14

What is the most popular autumn drink? Hot tee? Strong coffee? Spiced wine? Meh, people in Floating City have their own tastes! Boiling hot mineral water with vanilla syrup, cinnamon and pepper. Sounds crazy? Now it's time to announce the Weekend Events in Rise of Angels!

Spending Points Exchange, Expense Ranking and Luck Card will start on Friday 16.09.2022 and last till... Read completely >

New Server Nightingale

14.09.2022 16:15

Greetings, Heroes!

Our newest US server "Nightingale" will be going live tomorrow (15.09.22) at 12pm EDT, and we've got some special activities lined up for its launch.
Don`t miss your chance to be the first on all tops!

Best wishes, G'n'M Team

New Server - Magimamoore

12.09.2022 22:59

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Magimamoore - has been opened!

Sounds like a spell, doesn't it? In fact it is. A spell that opens a dimensional rift to a palace of dreams and hopes. A strange place, to be honest. There are many unbelievable things. And many more things I wish I could not believe exist. 

Wanna take a look?

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team

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Weekend Events 09.09-12.09

08.09.2022 13:44

There are not so many trees in the Floating City. But in order to create a special autumn mood wizards cast some beautiful illusions and decorate the town with special illumination. Now let's discuss the Weekend Events in Rise of Angels

Expense Ranking, Faberge MuseumSpending Points Exchange and Olymp will start on Friday 09.09.2022 and last till Monday 12.09.2022Po... Read completely >