Weekend events 24.06-27.06

23.06.2022 18:35

Nothing is stronger than the bonds of friendship! Except magic. This unlimited power can burn whole cities to ashes. Commanders of the Floating City initially planned to install a giant magical cannon. And the scientists have even created that big gun… But the magical generators could only grant one shot, after which the City will fall to the ground. Who knows, maybe on the ... Read completely >

New Server - Tyvi Village​​​​​​​

23.06.2022 18:25

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Tyvi Village - has been opened today!

Tyvi Village could be a peaceful and quiet place... If only all the goblins have left it! Thousands of these bloodthirsty creatures occupied every single house, every single barn, everything! But what is the scariest thing - they hide easily among the grass and on the trees to ambush unaware strangers.... Read completely >

New Server - Simoff's Park

23.06.2022 18:11


Brand new server - Simoff's Park - has been opened today - 23.06.2022 at 02:00 (UTC 0)!

Simoff's Park has always been such a lovely place... Well, until the world has gone absolutely mad, of course. Now it is filled with monsters and other strange creatures. They were humans once, perhaps? But don't even dare to speak to them and remember one important rul... Read completely >

New Server Conquistador

22.06.2022 14:17

Greetings, Heroes!

Our newest US server "Conquistador" will be going live tomorrow (23.06.22) at 12pm EDT, and we've got some special activities lined up for its launch.
Don`t miss your chance to be the first on all tops!

Best wishes, G'n'M Team

New Server - Gambo Town

20.06.2022 16:36

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Gambo Town - has been opened today!

Nobody knows for sure where Gambo Town exactly is. "Somewhere in the jungle" seems like the most precise answer the traveler would get. But there is a clue: all forest roads lead to this town. It might be some kind of a black magic, but the Gambo itself is the most strategic point of the region. 

Don'... Read completely >

New Server - Vailville

16.06.2022 23:15

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Vailville - has been opened today!

Won't say much about Vailville, because seeing is believing. The place, where the essence of magic can be seen, touched and even controlled. With a bit of luck and lots of skills and practice, of course. But the power of thunder and lightning is totally worth it!  

Thunder, feel the thunder! 

Sinc... Read completely >

Weekend Events 17.06-20.06

16.06.2022 17:05

Gardening has always been a problem in the Floating City. Lack of soil and the weight of the grown trees are the main problems. In addition the city has only two professional gardeners, who can not pull together. Currently the last hope of humanity has some gardens and alleys, but still many things have to be done! And now let's talk about the Weekend Events in Rise of Angel... Read completely >

New Server - Serrasdola Canton

13.06.2022 18:43

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Serrasdola Canton - has been opened today!

It is not the best place to build a new kingdom, but it has one major advantage — the magical crystal of unraveled power. Legends are told that those who can use it will become the rulers of the new era.

It's time to study some magic scrolls! 

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team

Weekend Events 10.06-13.06

09.06.2022 15:11

Even though the weather is nice and the sun shines bright in the world of  Rise of Angels, it's not the right time to relax now. Demons still wander across the continent and bring destruction to all the nation. Who would stop them and close the gates to the Abyss? Just kidding, it's safe far above the ground in the Floating City! Ready for the upcoming Weekend Events?

Spe... Read completely >

New Server - Takston

09.06.2022 14:44

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Takston - has been opened today!

Takston is the name of the winter Troll, the ruler of the mountains and the hills of the area. His skin is tough like stone, his tusks are sharp like blades and his angriness steps far beyond any borders. 

Could you handle such an enemy? 

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team