Happy Easter from CreaGames!

09.04.2023 17:22

Dear friends, we wish all of us a Happy Easter

Oh, here comes Peter Cottontail:
Hoppin’ down the bunny trail.
Hippity hoppity,
Happy Easter day!

Easter is finally here and so are spring joy and pure happiness. Let your health be strong, heart big and let the sun accompany you all the way around!    

If you want to spend the Easter day in a good company, don't f... Read completely >

Weekend events 09.06.23 - 12.06.23

08.06.2023 20:02

To be honest, all dragons love sunlight. Even black dragons of Underground and even Plague Dragons enjoy sunbathing. Thus chances of meeting a dragon somewhere in the open air are higher during the summer months. Beware! Even though these ancient lizards still value their safety and riches a little bit higher and prefer sleeping in big caves or abandoned castles. As for now ... Read completely >

New server - Casello

05.06.2023 20:04

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Casello — has been opened today!

Nothing even comes close to a comfortable bed and tasty food in terms of coziness and wellness. And these things one can easily get in Casello — the finest inn on the whole eastern coast. Moreover, it is one of the safest places in this region, because of its position and defensive fortifications.

Would... Read completely >

Weekend events 02.06.23 - 05.06.23

01.06.2023 18:35

It's June the first, welcome to the summer — time of sun, joy and freedom! Each season of the year has something special, but summer is probably the most popular and beloved one. Diving, swimming, gliding, travelling and all other activities will keep you busy for months. Now let's talk about the Weekend Events in Rise of Angels

Spending... Read completely >

New server - Gorgongulch

29.05.2023 20:39

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Gorgongulch — has been opened today!

Gorgones are one the rarest mythic creature types. Dangerous, deadly and toxic. They tend to live in swamps and gulches among the shadows and shallow waters. It is hard to gain their trust but just a few gorgon riders can greatly increase the overall power of their commander.

Great way to improve th... Read completely >

Weekend Events 26.05.2023-29.05.2023

25.05.2023 19:40

Summer is right at the door! Sunny beaches, cool water, ice-cream, cocktails, vacation! So many wonderful words up ahead! Even Floating City will have so many things to do. But for now let's announce the upcoming Weekend Events in Rise of Angels!

Expense Ranking, Faberge MuseumSpending Points Exchange and Olymp will start on Friday 26.05.2023 and last till Monday 29.05.... Read completely >

New server - Shadowbreach

22.05.2023 22:15

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Shadowbreach — has been opened today!

Not all places are equially good. What can you expect from something called Shadowbreach? Eternal suffering, unbearable pain, horrific despair. Probably all of these things at the same time. And you hit it just right. Shadowbreach is the place where all darkest thoughts and nightmares come true. 

A... Read completely >

Weekend Events 19.05-22.05

18.05.2023 22:36

Even though all kinds of monsters roam this world, Floating City is still a pet-friendly place. People may have cats, dogs, parrots, hares, hamsters, lizards, owls and many other little buddies. But they should not take too much space. Nevertheless little friends help people stay positive in this dark world full of demons. Now some words about the Weekend Events in Rise of A... Read completely >

New server - Ferizbourne

16.05.2023 18:08

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Ferizbourne — has been opened today!

To be honest nobody knows what does this name mean. Some people say Ferizbourne is a village where everyone can find a place to live and work to do. Some think that Ferizbourne is a divine castle somewhere in the mountains. Others believe Ferizbourne is nothing but a myth. You can not know that for sur... Read completely >

Weekend Events 12.05-15.05

11.05.2023 20:57

Does Floating City have any kind of filling stations? The City floats draining magic energy from magical crystals, which are pretty heavy, to be honest. And while magic crystals contain some magic they can not be stored inside any kind of magical dimension. So, yes, there are dozens of special charging stations, where the City can exchange empty crystals for filled ones and ... Read completely >

New server - Mohiga Peak

08.05.2023 22:07

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Mohiga Peak — has been opened today!

This peak is the highest mountain of a northern mountain chain. Just a perfect place to keep your eyes on the enemy's movement in case you wish to take an upper hand on a tactical level. Otherwise it is still a good place to outwait the biggest battles safely.

But don't even think about touching the... Read completely >