Happy Easter from CreaGames!

31.03.2024 17:36

Dear friends, our CreaGames team would like to wish you a Happy Easter

May this joyous occasion bring blessings of love, hope, and renewal to you and your loved ones. Wishing you a wonderful celebration filled with happiness, colorful eggs, and sweet treats!

Don't forget to spend this amazing and joyful day with you friend in beloved CreaGames titles:

New server - Revanche Town

15.04.2024 20:22

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Revanche Town — has been opened!

Revanche Town is a picturesque yet mysterious settlement nestled deep within the misty forests of the continent. With its cobblestone streets illuminated by the gentle glow of enchanted lanterns, the town exudes an aura of allure and riddle. However, what truly sets Revanche apart is its inhabitants — the ... Read completely >

Weekend events 12.04.24 - 15.04.24

12.04.2024 00:05

Floating City has never been the one and only haven traveling through the air. In the boundless skies above, the Skyrage Tribe rides atop Gorthak, the colossal flying turtle, their stalwart steed. With fierce determination they chase dragons and other dangerous monsters to bring peace to the world above the ground. Amidst the swirling clouds and thunderous roars, they forged... Read completely >

New server - Reloir Town

08.04.2024 22:48

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Reloir Town — has been opened!

To be honest it is a little bit strange to call a cave a town... But so is the truth: Reloir town is located underground, in a big natural hall deep under the lands of sun and wind. Darkness embraces it's lair granting all living creatures benefits and powers. 

Are you willing to sacrifict the sight of li... Read completely >

Weekend events 05.04.2024-08.04.2024

04.04.2024 20:35

April in Floating City is full of different kinds of sport. When snow is completely gone and the weather is warm and steady it is high time to prepare for the upcoming summer. And being in good physical condition is crucial for the season, when everyone wears T-Shirts and shorts. Starting with all kinds of ball games one may try something mor... Read completely >

New server - Vera Town

01.04.2024 21:54

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Vera Town — has been opened!

Vera was a smart princess. She knew that battles and sieges are dangerous for cities and their economies. That is why she established a free-of-warfare zone. Special place for traders, merchants, travelers, researchers, craftsmen. All races and creatures are welcomed, but once you break the main law, be ready!... Read completely >

Weekend events 29.03.24 - 01.04.24

28.03.2024 21:13

Spring is beautiful and Floating City looks really amazing this time of year, accompanied in its flight by a huge trail of green leaves and colorful flowers. Most trees and plants bloom feed with internal magic power and bloom quite early. It's a wonderful sight with a charming scent. If none of our readers is allergic to pollen, of course. Otherwise they'd better visit a he... Read completely >

New server - Peatlour Town

25.03.2024 20:20

Mighty Leaders,

New server —  Peatlour Town — has been opened!

Oh, these amazing scents of gasoline and charcoal! The city of fog, the city of noise, the city of progress. Most people think that goblins are weak and fearful. Well, that's true. But these qualities force them to be creative. Especially creating something defensive or even offensive. Peatlour is their ma... Read completely >

Weekend events 22.03.24 - 25.03.24

22.03.2024 00:12

Climate manipulations with magic are strictly prohibited. Magicians may increase the overall temperature in a house or even a castle. They may even make clouds avoid specific places. But changing weather in a large area will have horrific consequences: from blizzards and thunder to droughts and even volcano eruptions. All spells have ramifica... Read completely >

New server - Pellachi Town

18.03.2024 19:26

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Pellachi Town — has been opened!

Once upon a time a man called Pellachi started building his own town. He was not rich, he was not smart, but he was a dedicated worker and a talented person in general. Year after year house after house the settlement grew bigger. People started settling down and doing some simple work: building, cultivati... Read completely >

Weekend events 15.03.24 - 18.03.24

15.03.2024 00:45

Floating City is full of magic and magical devices. No need to say that all those things break from time to time. And, of course, there is a special team to track broken things down and fix them. This team consists of a couple of wizards and a dozen of... rats. Those creatures can feel magic from afar and are smart enough to call humans. Don't disturb any rats in small blue ... Read completely >