Happy Halloween from CreaGames!

31.10.2023 15:48

Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween!

Scariest night of 2023 is almost here! And all we want to say now — happy Halloween, dear friends! 

Have some amazing time. Turn into a bloodthirsty vampire and drink a Bloody Mary. Run around the town and howl at the moon with werewolve... Read completely >

Happy Easter from CreaGames!

09.04.2023 17:22

Dear friends, we wish all of us a Happy Easter

Oh, here comes Peter Cottontail:
Hoppin’ down the bunny trail.
Hippity hoppity,
Happy Easter day!

Easter is finally here and so are spring joy and pure happiness. Let your health be strong, heart big and let the sun accompany you all the way around!    

If you want to spend the Easter day in a good company, don't f... Read completely >

Weekend events 01.12.2023-04.12.2023

30.11.2023 22:35

Hey, Winter is almost here! So many awesome activities await: skiing, skating, sledging, snowboarding. Shiny winter mornings, cozy winter evenings, amazing holidays and tons of presents! Every season is fun, but winter is the winner among them all! But don't forget to keep warm, eat some fruits and vegetables and to prepare some awesome thing... Read completely >

New server - Tantar City

27.11.2023 23:12

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Tantar City — has been opened today!

Strange place it is. Dread land, dead trees, burned rocks. Like life itself abandoned this place. But don't get tricked: some creatures still exist there. Those who need just a sip of dirty water. Just a slice of meat. If you have enough courage to visit Tantar City and enough strength to conquer all g... Read completely >

Weekend events and something more

24.11.2023 00:37

The end of November is traditionally the month of trade fairs and shopping festivals. Hundreds of people visit Floating City during this period: merchants, craftsmen, scientists, travelers and many others. All of them want to find the best things available and to buy them at lowest possible prices. Sometimes it is even possible. The only rule everyone should obey: all the it... Read completely >

New server - Felliera Town

20.11.2023 20:04

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Felliera Town — has been opened today!

The finest horses of the whole east! This is Felliera Town. The place where you can get the fastest and the strongest horse' breeds for one man or even for a whole army. Vast green planes nearby help to raise hundreds of young horses in one season and the mild climate keeps them warm and fed. Ideal p... Read completely >

Weekend events 17.11.23 - 20.11.23

16.11.2023 22:49

One might think that the Floating City is nearly invincible. Well... that's far from the truth! Many great dangers await strangers. Even those of them, who wander through the skies. For example magical whirls. Strong winds and energy flows gather around unstable magic cores. One touch and a giant explosion will destroy everything around. Not ... Read completely >

New server - Rockton Town

13.11.2023 17:40

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Rockton Town — has been opened today!

City among the rocks — Rockton. One may think building houses and structures in such an environment might sound difficult (if not impossible). It is, in fact. But there is one major advantage — no need of building fortifications and walls. Moreover, you will hardly find any castle with such thick wall... Read completely >

Weekend events 10.11.23 - 13.11.23

09.11.2023 19:26

Potable water was once a solid problem for the Floating City. Thousands of people drink, wash and bath almost every day. Even different facilities, workshops and fabrics use clean water for their needs. At first special mages converted sea water into fresh water. But this process required dozens of spells and lots of magical power. Gathering rain water was a little bit easie... Read completely >

New server - Netharas City

06.11.2023 21:31

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Netharas City — has been opened today!

Who hides among the shadows? Citizens of Netharas City. Rare place on the planet is hidden as well as Netharas City. Ordinary visitors can not enter this settlement without an invitation and special preparations like sleeping pills, covered head, blindfolding bandage and some other secret techniques.... Read completely >

Weekend events 03.11.23 - 06.11.23

02.11.2023 21:56

So, November has come! The last month of the Fall is finally here. Days are getting darker, nights are getting longer, temperature is slowly decreasing. Winter is not so far away! Anyway... There are still so many things to do this season! Motivation is the key: there is no time to sit on a sofa. Chase your dreams! And read about the upcoming... Read completely >

Weekend events 27.10 - 30.10

27.10.2023 22:46

In October supernatural creatures hold a party in the Floating City. They gather in the evening, sing different songs, chat, drink, eat and dance till the very morning. During this time citizens lock their doors and stay inside the houses pretending nothing happened. Due to this tradition all kind of dark forces such as witches, zombies, vampires, werewolves and many others ... Read completely >