Weekend Events 17.06-20.06

16.06.2022 17:05

Gardening has always been a problem in the Floating City. Lack of soil and the weight of the grown trees are the main problems. In addition the city has only two professional gardeners, who can not pull together. Currently the last hope of humanity has some gardens and alleys, but still many things have to be done! And now let's talk about the Weekend Events in Rise of Angel... Read completely >

New Server - Serrasdola Canton

13.06.2022 18:43

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Serrasdola Canton - has been opened today!

It is not the best place to build a new kingdom, but it has one major advantage — the magical crystal of unraveled power. Legends are told that those who can use it will become the rulers of the new era.

It's time to study some magic scrolls! 

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team

Weekend Events 10.06-13.06

09.06.2022 15:11

Even though the weather is nice and the sun shines bright in the world of  Rise of Angels, it's not the right time to relax now. Demons still wander across the continent and bring destruction to all the nation. Who would stop them and close the gates to the Abyss? Just kidding, it's safe far above the ground in the Floating City! Ready for the upcoming Weekend Events?

Spe... Read completely >

New Server - Takston

09.06.2022 14:44

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Takston - has been opened today!

Takston is the name of the winter Troll, the ruler of the mountains and the hills of the area. His skin is tough like stone, his tusks are sharp like blades and his angriness steps far beyond any borders. 

Could you handle such an enemy? 

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team

New Server - Taori Village

06.06.2022 19:50

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Taori Village - has been opened today!

This is one of the most peaceful places on the whole continent. Mainly because of a dragon sleeping on the nearest mountain. Foreign armies and other tribes won't even come close to the village. And the villagers themselves try to be as quiet as possible. 

Strange neighborhood, right?

Sincerel... Read completely >

Weekend Events 03.06-06.06

02.06.2022 17:24

Long time no see, heroes! The week has passed already, huh? And here comes the summer! Shining rays of sun, green trees and cool water to cool up... amazing! But don't forget about the Weekend Events in Rise of Angels

Expense Ranking, Faberge MuseumSpending Points Exchange and Olymp will start on Friday 03.06.2022 and last till Monday 06.06.2022Amazing reliques and ... Read completely >

New Server - Za'ba Town

02.06.2022 17:00

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Za'ba Town - has been opened today!

It is a strange place of strange creatures and humans... They wear wooden masks, sing strange songs and worship strange gods. What they do like all other tribes, nations and races is fighting. Coming to their lands won't be an easy challenge!

Would you dare? 

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team

... Read completely >

Access problems [Fixed]

29.05.2022 07:06

***UPDATE: Problem is fixed.***

Heroes, at the moment some of the players can experience difficulties accessing Eternal Fury. Our tech team is aware of the problem and is already working on the solution. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

All the best,
CreaGames Team

Weekend Events 27.05-30.05

26.05.2022 15:31

Long time no see, fellow heroes! It's 26-th of May and we are ready to announce the last weekend events of this spring in Rise of Angels! Hope, everybody has some great plans for the upcoming summer season! If not — there is still some time to come up with something interesting and crazy. 

Spending Points Exchange, Expense Ranking and Luck Card will start on Friday 27.05.... Read completely >

New Server - Gereston

26.05.2022 15:15

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Gereston - has been opened today!

Gereston is the name of the greatest northern warrior who has slayed the horrible dragon of fog. In honor of this victory the whole land has been named Gereston. But lack of dragons does not make it much better and safer.

Are you ready to challenge the difficulties?

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team