Happy Easter from CreaGames!

09.04.2023 17:22

Dear friends, we wish all of us a Happy Easter

Oh, here comes Peter Cottontail:
Hoppin’ down the bunny trail.
Hippity hoppity,
Happy Easter day!

Easter is finally here and so are spring joy and pure happiness. Let your health be strong, heart big and let the sun accompany you all the way around!    

If you want to spend the Easter day in a good company, don't f... Read completely >

Weekend Events 05.05-08.05

04.05.2023 16:54

It's May already, huh? No way! But here it is. The Floating City is clean and repaired. Dozens of different expeditions leave the city in order to check remaining villages, find new sources of resources and to reduce the amount of demons on the continent. Even beloved little fairies will set off on a journey soon. Keep an eye on them! But for now let's discuss the Weekend Ev... Read completely >

New Server Caesar

03.05.2023 17:40

Greetings, Heroes!

Our newest US server "Caesar" will be going live tomorrow (04.05.2023) at 12pm EDT, and we've got some special activities lined up for its launch.
Don`t miss your chance to be the first on all tops!

Best wishes, G'n'M Team

New server - Kanunmire

02.05.2023 19:12

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Kanunmire — has been opened today!

It is a strange village full of strange people. They wear strange clothes with flower ornaments and carry strange swords with a curved blade. But for centuries this place has never been conquered. It is the land of brave and honorable people.

Are you a decent rival for them? 

Sincerely yours,
Crea... Read completely >

Weekend Events 28.04-01.05

27.04.2023 20:33

Wow, April is coming to an end already! That was fast. With the final month of spring approaching it is just the right time to set some summer goals or even to plan a vacation. As for now, one can simply enjoy the upcoming Weekend Events in Rise of Angels!

Expense Ranking, Faberge MuseumSpending Points Exchange and Olymp will start on Friday 28.04.2023 and last till Mon... Read completely >

New server - Fort Calcontra

24.04.2023 21:08

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Fort Calcontra — has been opened today!

Have you ever heard a legend about one place... a distant fort, where the dragons nest? One can not even approach that place, because giant ancient lizards tend to eat intruders. Or at least burn them to ashes. Many rulers and commanders tried to conquer the dragon nest but failed.

Maybe you are ... Read completely >

Weekend Events 21.04.23-24.04.23

20.04.2023 19:58

Is flying better than teleportation? That's a good question! Teleportation scrolls are widely used by mages, rich travelers and special forces. They require some magical energy, which can be stored in a magical crystal. But the bigger the object, the more magical energy is required to teleport it. In fact, the whole Floating City’ mana supply will disappear after a single ac... Read completely >

New server - Keep Eisingart

17.04.2023 19:18

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Keep Eisingart — has been opened today!

What to keep in a keep? That is the question! Treasures, perhaps? Monsters? Secrets? Maybe everything listed above? Well, in fact it is harder to find a keep than something to keep there. But with Keep Eisingart all your problems should be solved in a blink of an eye. Nor only is it one of the tough... Read completely >

Weekend Events 14.04-17.04

13.04.2023 16:50

One may wonder: where do all the vegetables and fruits in the Floating City come from? In fact the city itself has some greenhouses enhanced with some dimensional magic. But most of the garden produce is still made on the ground. Many farmers still live on the continent and do what they can and what they love to do: agriculture. Special flying carriers buy a great amount of ... Read completely >

New server - Nataka Village

10.04.2023 21:22

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Nataka Village — has been opened today!

This place has nothing special about it... except for Nataka. Yes, you are right: a great merchant and leader of the Golden Leaves Guild was born in this tiny village far away from big and prosperous cities. Now his power exceeds the wealth of several kings and rulers combined. 

Why not follow hi... Read completely >

Weekend Events 07.04-10.04

06.04.2023 20:55

April is a tough month, especially for hippogriff riders. Flying through the air is not the most pleasant activity in the world because of constant shaking in a saddle. Moreover all hippogriffs are allergic to a special kind of flowers which bloom during the whole of April. Constant sneezing and coughing make all kinds of patrolling nearly impossible this month. Now let's ta... Read completely >