Happy Easter from CreaGames!

09.04.2023 17:22

Dear friends, we wish all of us a Happy Easter

Oh, here comes Peter Cottontail:
Hoppin’ down the bunny trail.
Hippity hoppity,
Happy Easter day!

Easter is finally here and so are spring joy and pure happiness. Let your health be strong, heart big and let the sun accompany you all the way around!    

If you want to spend the Easter day in a good company, don't f... Read completely >

Weekend events 21.07-24.07

20.07.2023 20:34

There are plenty of demon portals across the continent. They look like hellish gates full of fire and smoke. From these structures demon armies come to the real world and wreak havoc. One might think that portals are totally invulnerable, but that's wrong: powerful spells, siege equipment or mighty creatures like dragons can break bonds between the gates and the hellish worl... Read completely >

New server - City of Resolve

17.07.2023 23:34

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  City of Resolve — has been opened today!

This is the city at the edge of the battlefield. Hordes of darkness are one step away from the lands of humans, dwarves, elves and other peaceful creatures. But protectors of light and defenders of freedom are ready to stand against evil. Their swords are sharp, their arrows are deadly and their br... Read completely >

Weekend events 14.07.23 - 17.07.23

13.07.2023 20:10

More to know: at the very beginning scientists and wizards decided to create the Floating City using enormous balloons filled with a special magical substance called "liquid feather". In fact this was not a bad idea: such balloons are strong and can handle even a direct cannon shot, "liquid feather" is easy to make even in huge amounts and it... Read completely >

New server - City of Wisdom

10.07.2023 22:26

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  City of Wisdom — has been opened today!

Wizards know the most important thing: wisdom is the main power of this world! If you know your enemy you know how to defeat him. And the best collection of knowledge is available to the people in the City of Wisdom. Millions of books, scrolls, scientific and magic works, recipes, blueprints and oth... Read completely >

Weekend Events 07.07-10.07

06.07.2023 19:28

​​Here comes the first weekend of July — the time literally flies by! It is another important month for the Floating City, because merchants from all over the world come to the town in order to sell their finest goods. The month of the trade fairs! Best sellers will get exclusive trading permissions and can even open their own shop in the Floating City. But now let's say som... Read completely >

New server - City of Power

03.07.2023 20:25

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  City of Power — has been opened today!

Opposed to the City of Darkness this place values pure power the most. In the middle of the city one can find the main building — the great Colosseum. Do you hear the roar of the crowd? The sound of clinging steel? Do you smell the blood and the glory? Do you see the breavest warriors of all races an... Read completely >

Weekend Events 30.06-03.07

29.06.2023 21:11

The last days of June are the busiest days of the first summer month. Why so? Beсause the whole Floating City celebrates the Feast of the Sun. People dress in colorful clothes, burn incense sticks, make big bonfires and dance all night long. Citizens believe that once the fest is celebrated, the sun itself will be merciful to the people and t... Read completely >

New server - City of Darkness

26.06.2023 20:46

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  City of Darkness — has been opened today!

Well, not that many cities are called "cities of darkness' '. No doubt some of them have a bad reputation. Some lack inns and taverns with fighting pits and prisons instead of them. But the City of Darkness is filled with pure hatred and agony. Worst creatures from worst nightmares live in this pl... Read completely >

Weekend Events 23.06-27.06

22.06.2023 19:40

​​Legends are told that there is a flying island with a fountain of youth. Those who drink from it will live for eternity with no illnesses or any other troubles with health. Adventurers, warriors, mages, pathfinders and all other kinds of people tried to find the fountain but did not succeed. But even nowadays dozens of bravehearted fellows go on a journey for eternal life.... Read completely >

New server - Fort Sagehelm

19.06.2023 19:24

Mighty Leaders,

​New server —  Fort Sagehelm — has been opened today!

Not all forts are equally good. Some have been sieged and broken by outraging armies. Like Fort Sagehelm that was completely annihilated by the orc army and served as a prison for years. Many brave warriors can be found in its chambers. 

Why not set them free? 

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team

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