Guild. Light or Darkness?

05.06.2019 12:39


As soon as you get lvl 32 you get a very important option which will make you stronger and help you to find true friends and real support in game events and adventures - GUILD

Click the icon of Guild and you’ll be offered to make a choice which you won’t be able to change afterwards!

Choose your side – Light or Darkness – and that will define further choice... Read completely >


05.06.2019 12:39

A Steed is not only a fine vehicle in "Guns and Magic" world and a good bonus to your characteristics, but also a loyal friend.

This Steed window has 4 tabs: Training, Appearance, Merge, Beast Spirit.

Button “Saddle/Rest” allows you to ride Steed or you can walk by foot.


You can make your steed stronger with training.

Training can be done by:

Select a camp

05.06.2019 12:39


Reaching level 32, you open very important and necessary function which not only will make you stronger, but also will help to find reliable allies in game, cheerful friends and a strong shoulder which you can rely on - Guild.

When you press the tab for the first time you'll be offered a choice, which you won't be able to change further!

Choosing a camp - ... Read completely >


05.06.2019 12:39

Skills of the character are divided into 2 types: active and passive.

Active skills that you've chosen can be used in every battle.

In process of improvement of your skills they become more effective in battle. To learn more about characteristics of skill and a conditions of its improvement, you have to move the mouse pointer at the chosen skill.

Also each active ... Read completely >


05.06.2019 12:39

"Heroes" functional allows you to improve the hero and recruits.


To increase experience of your hero press the [Get EXP] button, by clicking it you can enter Temple of Trials. 

Of course you can get experience for your hero in other server events.

To increase your heroes's experience you'll need Elixirs of experience or Exp. Potions. Select recruit who ne... Read completely >


05.06.2019 12:39

This function will help you to equip, to boost, rank up, mold and refine your equipment for hero and recruits.


In this tab you can see all equipment that you have. You can put this equipment on your hero or recruits. You just need to click on certain subject, that you want to put on, that you can see in the right part of the window.


Boosting ... Read completely >

Sacred Pond

05.06.2019 12:39

There are few temples of Sacred Pond, which open at 34, 50, 65 and 80 levels:

The Sacred Pond allows to receive different valuable presents, in each temple there are special rewards.

In each temple it's possible to make 1, 10, 20 or 100 prayers for time. Also each player has an opportunity to pray for free, but only once and at one temple.

For 1 prayer you nee... Read completely >

Temple of Trials

05.06.2019 12:39

Temple of Trials is available from level 26.

In the Battle tab you'll see icon 

Click it so you can see what Temple of Trials is about.

At first only Tier 1 is available to you, but in process of increasing others will be also available.

At each tier there are monsters of different complexity:

Easy - Difficult - Nightmare - Hell.

The higher level is, th... Read completely >


05.06.2019 12:39

At level 31 the  player has an acces to the Arena.

The number in a corner shows how many free attempts in day at you remained. Exactly at midnight this number is updated and becomes 15 again - so many time you can throw down a challenge to contenders on the arena, without buying additional attempts.

Having for the first time come on the arena, you will see that you... Read completely >

Troops - Army Upgrade

30.05.2019 18:10

We continue with the "Troops". This time we will talk about the army.