CreaGames is a very passionate gaming company set on bringing innovation, new technology and gaming experience all over the world since 2014. We keep a close eye on the latest innovations on the world’s gaming market and utilize the most effective solutions to publish projects with maximum audience coverage.

Game Portal CreaGames is:

  • 10 000 000 Registrations — Registered Users;
  • 1 500 000 MAU — Unique visitors per month;
  • 30 000 New Users Per Day — New players daily;
  • 10 000 ACCU — Players online every day.
Data are relevant for September 1, 2017

Benefits of work

CreaGames technical base and the team’s experience allow to realize the full cycle of localization, including: translation, voice-over, adaptation to the market, server tuning, PR, marketing, product testing, 24/7 support and much more. The reputation of the company allows solving legal and financial issues in the process of operating the products.

Examination and evaluation of new games
Unified integration for portal and social networks
Audience for more than 10 000 000 players
We work with the Russian, Chinese, English, German and French markets
Brand recognition in the market
Customer Support 24/7/365
Possible co-publishing games on the portal
Full game localization cycle


  • Eternal Fury
  • Clash of Legions
  • Rise Of Angels
  • Guns’n’Magic



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