Update - Halloween, Artifact Resonance

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29.10.2019 11:46

The update is here, and this is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, ugh, a little carried away here. 
Let's get right to it!


Halloween is in town
Find hidden pumpkin chests to get marvelous rewards. 

And don't miss our new pumpkin king and queen styles!

For Halloween update there are two chests (Pumpkin Chest and Pumpkin King Chest) which drop in normal, elite and expert dungeons. 



New interface. Now it's all nice and clean and smooth. 

All the tabs have been moved, so now the interface is a little more comfortable. 

Artifact Resonance - match the main Artifact based on the players chosen Artifact and 5 Artifacts will be displayed as separated.
From Resonance panel, a pop out will show current Artifact stats.
Happy Halloween, heroes! 

EF team