Update - Merc Quests, Artifact and more

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20.08.2019 12:13

New day comes, and so is the update! 

Artifact - gain mysterious weapons of gods to smash your enemies. 

New artifacts system grants you access to various artifacts that will help you to slay your enemies, that can be upgraded into powerful weapons.
Guide will be available soon. 

Mercenary quests - send your mercenaries on missions to get valuable prizes! 

This new implemented system will grant you a new option of using your mercenaries. Missions differ by time, difficulty and stamina availability. The more your mercenary is on a mission, the more prizes they will get. 
Guide will be available soon. 

Oubliette - a new secret passage was found in your city. Send your mercenaries to fight evil creatures from this bottomless pit. 
Guide will be available soon. 

World Boss - now available 2 times during the day (12h00, 22h00).

Impeachment of guild's master - now all clan members can vote for a new guild master if something happens to a previous one. 

Daily quests update - all the daily quests are now available every 24h. 

And much more, visual updates, etc.



EF team