Easter Update - Veteran Summons, New Mercenary

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10.04.2020 12:03

New update is available! The Easter is coming, so we have prepared a special something for you. Let's dive in! 

Easter Lucky Slot is now available. Play the machine to get awesome rewards!

The rewards depend on from the combination you get. 

Exchange your slot points to get cool rewards including the Eidolon Wings!

Veteran Summon added. You can summon any hero from the Summoning Altar in Veteran Summon. The drop rate of the current Mercenaries will be greatly increased!
You'll obtain one of the current Mercenaries every 200 summons during the event.
Once you receive a Mercenary, your summons will be reset.

You will also find new summons in-game, including Mordred, Galahad and Aether!

Eternal Fury Team