Update - Exotic Lands

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03.09.2019 17:48

A new update will be soon available. 

A passage to Exotic Lands  has opened. The gods broke out at dusk, descended, guiding you, hero. 
By commanding the spirits of the world you will be able to find different ancient artifacts, opening the holy places of the gods, and helping the gods to regenerate.

Exotic lands offer you a lot of new place to explore and prove your strength. 

More than a hundred new challenging dungeons in different parts of the world - and at first you will be all by yourself.
Darkness has sealed your summoned warriors and only you can break through those evil lands.

Collect Divine stones and Soul stones to synthesize ancient artifacts. 
Every 5th stage you will be able to get Artifact Shards to upgrade your weapons of doom. 

And, of course, when you complete a specific amount of trials you will be able to get a bonus chest to get even more rewards!

EF team