Flash comes to an end, what to do?

29.12.2020 15:31 Views: 1089

Dear friends,

On December 31, 2020, Adobe will officially stop distributing, supporting, and updating Flash Player.

A significant portion of browsers will no longer support Flash content, including browser games. But don't worry, there are two reliable ways to continue enjoying your favorite projects:

Which one to choose?
CreaGames game client is designed to run games, it's lightweight, doesn't load the system and is easy to use. Browsers with Flash support beyond 2020 are full-fledged browsers with all the resulting pros and cons. Unfortunately we do not know how long do they plan to support Flash playback, so we highly recommend you to get acquainted with our game client.

Where and how can I download CreaGames Game Client?
You can go straight to our game client download page or read more about it in our news.

I play in social networks. Will I be able to use CreaGames Game Client?
Yes. Especially for you we have developed a functionality of transferring characters from social networks. It will automatically create a CreaGames account with all your characters from the chosen social network. Some social networks are preparing their own solutions to run Flash games, but we don't know how long they will have Flash support.

What are the system requirements for CreaGames Game Client?
64-bit Windows 7 or later, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later, Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable or later. A 32-bit version will be available soon.

Where and how can I download Browser with Flash support?
You can search for (e.g. Yandex.Browser) across the Internet.

Will Flash Player support remain in other browsers?
At the moment the developers of Firefox, Edge and Chrome have announced their decision to stop using the embedded Flash component, but this process will not happen all at once. You can use current versions of these browsers or use, for example, Yandex.Browser.

As you can see nothing scary happened, all your beloved games will continue to grow and improve providing lots of fun and joy for all the players. See you in 2021!

All the best,
CreaGames Team