CreaGames Game Client

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18.12.2020 12:40

The official Flash support is coming to its end soon, and we are happy to present another solution to the problem that’s been worrying everybody for a while - CreaGames Game Client! Your favourite games will be available anytime and everywhere no matter the circumstances are.

CreaGames Game Client advantages 

  • Simplicity and elegance
    Only you and awesome browser games - what else do you need? Download the game client, log in with a single click and enjoy the fantastic worlds!
  • Speed
    Fast installation and instant loading. Clan battles are just a few seconds away from launching now!
  • Confidentiality and security
    We don’t collect or store any data about your system, no secret presence in the processes or looking through your private photos as well. Don’t worry about that!
  • Low resources consumption
    The game client takes a few megabytes on your hard disc drive, it has low CPU/video card load and requires less RAM than any messenger. Light, quick and quiet - what a perfect companion for browser games fans!

In the beginning, the following games will be available in CreaGames game client:

New games will be added to the list in the future, follow the news!

Installation instructions

  1. Download the setup file. You can do it by going to the special page, via the informational message while loading any Flash-game, by clicking the slider at the top of any page or banner in your Profile on CreaGames portal.
  2. Launch the setup file and install the Game Client following the instructions. Run the file as administrator if necessary. If the security system sends an alert, allow the installation to continue and make changes to the files on your computer. 
  3. Log in using your CreaGames account or pass one simple registration if it’s your first time with us.
  4. Everything's done! Adventures are waiting, hurry up!


How and where do I download CreaGames game client?
The game client can be downloaded on this page by clicking the button “Download CreaGames client”

Can I carry on playing the same characters from CreaGames portal or do I need to create the new ones?
You use the same CreaGames portal account, all your characters will remain in place and you will be able to play them both in your browser and in the game client.  

How do I clear cache and cookies in the game client?
Launch the game client. At the project selection stage, right-click inside this window anywhere. Click "Clear cache" in the drop-down context menu.

Are there any system requirements?
Currently only 64-bit Windows operating systems (Windows 7+) are supported.

What do I need an authorization code for?
This unique code is a way to quickly authorize in CreaGames game client through your portal account. Copy and enter it on the game page in your browser to continue playing in the game client instantly. For security and data safety reasons, do not pass on or share the code with third parties.

What do I do if the installation file does not start?
Right-click on the installation file icon and select "Run as administrator". If the security system shows warnings - allow the installation to continue and make changes to the files on your computer. If it still fails - contact our technical support service, we will help you!

If you haven't found the answer to your question - feel free to write to the project groups or official CreaGames Community, we will be glad to help you. If you encounter technical problems using CreaGames game client, please contact our technical support team.

See you around the virtual worlds, friends!

All the best,
CreaGames Team