CreaGames game client.
Play your favorite browser games without any limits

We've put a collection of the most popular games in our client and made sure there are no obstacles between you and having a great time and chatting with friends. Explore fantasy worlds, fight evil, tame powerful dragons and find loyal allies — magical realms await, hero!

Installation manual

  1. Click the "Download CreaGames Client" button
  2. Install the game client
  3. Log in with your CreaGames account. If you're visiting us for the first time, register — it's really simple, we promise
  4. All done! Pick a game and start your adventure!
  5. CreaGames Game Client requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or newer) and Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable (or newer) to work correctly.


  • Rise Of Angels

    Rise Of Angels

    Help the Order of the Blazing Light stop the demonic invasion, hero! Only you can discover the nature of the mysterious meteorite, close the magical rift and save the surviving inhabitants of the world of Rise of Angels. Explore locations full of secrets, fight epic battles, all for glory and honor!

  • Guns’n’Magic


    Flying ships, pirates, helper robots and mutant pets. Guns and Magic is a colorful and exciting game about the feud between two civilizations. You are a talented mercenary who must end the devastating feud. Guns and Magic constantly keep you on your toes — the game is breathtakingly vivid and dynamic! Come visit and join the battle!


Be ready for new battles!

Run your favorite games even without Flash Player support. No restrictions or obstacles, just play and have fun!

Instant installation and quick start

Popular browser games on your PC — download the CreaGames game client and start the game in one click.

Privacy and security

We protect not only your loot, but also your personal data. We've developed the most simple and safe gaming client — reliable and efficient, nothing more, nothing less.

Instant access to games

You no longer need to open the browser every time you want to play! Amazing worlds full of magic and adventure are now behind a single neat icon on your desktop. So what are you waiting for?

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  • How and where do I download the CreaGames game client?

    You can download the game client on this page by clicking the 'Download CreaGames Client' button.

  • Can I play as my character on the CreaGames website?

    Characters created on the website are available in the CreaGames game client, and those created in the client are available on the website. All progress will be saved.

  • Is it possible to clear cache within the game client?

    Launch the game client. The game selection window will pop up. Click anywhere inside this window with the right mouse button. Select "Clear cache" from the drop-down menu. Done!

  • Why do I need an authorization code?

    A unique code is a way to quickly log into the CreaGames game client through your website account. Copy the code and enter it on the project page in the browser to instantly continue playing in the game client. For the safety and security of data, do not transfer or disclose the code to third parties.

  • The game client is unable to install from the download file.

    Right-click on the download file icon and select 'Run as administrator'. If the security system shows warnings, allow the installation to continue and make changes to the files on the computer. If it still doesn't work out, contact our tech support service, we'll definitely help!