Weekend events 25.03-28.03

24.03.2022 15:10

This week was hard and busy for the citizens of the Floating City: stiff wind has damaged lots of buildings and even teared a part of the City away. Luckily levitating magic helped - magicians assemble the city once again and everything now is fine. Oh, and Weekend Events are coming, of course! 

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Weekend Events 18.03-21.03

17.03.2022 11:53

Another week, another sunny Thursday, another portion of Weekend Events ready to be announced! Even the sun shines bright, birds sing loud and the grass... huh... does whatever the grass usually does. Grows. 

Spending Points ExchangeExpense RankingMoment of Luck and Wishing Well will start on Friday 18.03.2022 and last till Monday 21.03.2022. This time Demon Hunters' ... Read completely >

Weekend Events 11.03-14.03

10.03.2022 17:44

More events for the best heroes of the fantasy world! Fight the demons, explore mysterious locations and take part in Rise of Angels weekend events that will start tomorrow!

Expense RankingFaberge Museum, and Sale will begin on Friday 11.03.2022 and last till Monday 14.03.2022. Amazing Outfits and cool Reliques are waiting! 

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Weekend Events 04.03-07.03

03.03.2022 20:13

It's spring, finally! The time of love, life and renewal. Wonderful! Weekend Events in Rise of Angels will start tomorrow. 

Expense RankingFaberge Museum, Spending Points Exchange and Olympus will begin on Friday 04.03.2022 and last till Monday 07.03.2022. Fashionable outfits and powerful reliques are waiting for warriors, mages and archers! 

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Weekend Events 25.02-28.02

24.02.2022 17:30

The last weekend events of this winter are coming! It has been a long way and spring will come into own soon. Are you ready for the season of love and life? 

Spending Points Exchange, Expense Ranking, Luck Card and Goddess Cards will start on Friday 25.02.2022 and last till Monday 28.02.2022Fancy reliques and outfits are waiting for you! 

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Weekend Events 22.04-25.04

22.02.2022 11:02

The Universe is always in movement. It never sleeps, never stops. Mirriads of stars, planets and other object move through space. Where did they come from? Where are they going? Why is this happening? Nobody knows the asnwers... But those thought are to deep for Friday! We'd better announce Weekend Events in Rise of Angels

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Weekend Events 18.02-21.02

17.02.2022 16:14

Winds are strong and snow still falls. Winter won't step back easily. But on the other hand, all the winter entertainments are still available. So have a good time during the upcoming weekends! Weekend Events in Rise of Angels will start tomorrow as always. 

Recharge RankingFaberge Museum, Game Mania and Sale will begin on Friday 18.02.2022 and last till Monday 21.02.2022... Read completely >

Weekend Events 11.02-14.02

10.02.2022 16:01

Second week of February is coming to its end, and the weekend events in Rise of Angels are coming closer. May the weekends be full of joy and happiness, heroes! Have some fun and relax. Weekends are made for this, aren't they?

Spending Points ExchangeRecharge RankingFaberge Museum and Olympus will start on Friday 11.02.2022 and last till Monday 14.02.2022. Beautiful out... Read completely >

Weekend Events 04.02-07.02

03.02.2022 16:04

January is gone, long live the second month of the year - February! It would be a short month, so don't waste your time and reach as many goals as possible. Start with participating in Weekend Events in Rise of Angels

Spending Points ExchangeExpense RankingMoment of Luck and Wishing Well will start on Friday 04.02.2022 and last till Monday 07.02.2022. Don't waste th... Read completely >

Weekend Events 28.01-31.01

27.01.2022 14:40

Do you like skiing, heroes? Or some other active winter sports? Aphrodite surely does, she is the sport-champion of the Floating City. But Nemesis prefers reading books in her cozy house. Whether the answer is yes or no, don't forget about Weekend Events in Rise of Angels

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