Bounty guide

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29.01.2019 02:00

The Bounty tasks become available at 59 Character level. 

You can complete 5 tasks daily, the Bounty contracts refresh daily at 00:00 am. Quests are differed by difficulty as well as the EXP reward for task completion. 
The most valuable are orange tasks with 5 stars. Please also note that the amount of EXP gain also scales with character level.

By clicking the ‘Refresh’ button all current tasks available will be replaced with another 5 random Bounty tasks. You have 5 free refreshes available, a single refresh has 5 minutes cooldown. If you don’t want to wait for free refreshes, you may spend 10 000 gold pieces to skip the cooldown and refresh the tasks instantly. There is also an option to gain 5 stars tasks by using '5* refresh' button, which costs 100 diamonds.

To complete the task you need to slain all monsters. You may also complete the task instantly by spending 20 diamonds.

After completing the task you will see the following tab with the 3 variants of reward. 

  • Basic task completion
  • x1.5 for VIP 3 players
  • x3 for VIP 5 players

After completing all 5 bounties the Bounty tab will disappear until the 00:00 am of the next server day.    

Best wishes, RoA Team