Weekend Events 29.07-01.08

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28.07.2022 17:55

Some people think that the Great Library of the Floating City is not the best place for a summer leisure time. And librarians fully agree. In fact they insist on this thesis each time anyone tries to argue. But in fact it is the coolest and the quietest place in the whole city. But it has one very important rule - never tell anyone about the librarian club! Now let's talk about Weekend Events in Rise of Angels

Expense Ranking, Faberge MuseumSpending Points Exchange and Olymp will start on Friday 29.07.2022 and last till Monday 01.08.2022Amazing reliques and fashionable outfits are waiting for the heroes! 

Expense Ranking - amazings gifts for your efforts.

Spending Points Exchange - spend some diamonds and get goods for free.

Faberge Museum - crack some eggs and get valuable items.

Olympus - complete the gods' trials to get amazing rewards!

Please, keep in mind that actual event rewards may vary from the provided screenshots. Always check events in game by yourself before using them. 

Have an amazing weekend, heroes!

All the best,
CreaGames Team