Weekend Events 08.07-11.07

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07.07.2022 16:41

Do you know what the most popular children's game in the Floating City it? Something odd and extravagant? Meh... It's hide and seek! The city itself is an ideal place for hiding and you can spend lots of time trying to find the last one player. One child even tied himself to a bench and jumped into the sky... He did win that round... but mother prohibited playing hide and seek ever again! Now let's announce the Weekend Events in Rise of Angels!

Spending Points Exchange, Expense Ranking and Luck Card will start on Friday 08.07.2022 and last till Monday 11.07.2022. Fancy reliques and cool outfits will be waiting for the greatest heroes! 

Expense Ranking - amazings gifts for your efforts.

Spending Points Exchange - spend some diamonds and get goods for free.

Luck Card - lady luck is smiling at you!

Please, keep in mind that actual event rewards may vary from the provided screenshots. Always check events in game by yourself before using them. 

Have an amazing weekend, heroes!

All the best,
CreaGames Team