Christmas events 24.12.21 - 31.01.21

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23.12.2021 20:15

And here it comes!

The lovliest time of the year comes to us again - Christmas time!

Bells are ringing, lights are shining, christmas trees are so bright and colorful! Hope you've managed to get all the presents for your loved ones. And that you'll get something amazing for yourself. Christmas events will start in Rise of Angels tomorrow. Don't forget to grab all the amazing gifts for you characters. And don't forget to visit our group for something special. Have a great time!

Christmas Events will start tomorrow (December 24) alongside with some other usual events and last till December 31. Youl'll have plenty of time to enjoy the game! 

Diamonds - 25% more Diamonds for usual price! 

Login reward - log in every day to claim useful rewards!

Recharge ranking - recharge and get a nice bonus for free!

Sale - unique items for a bunch of shiny stones!

Treasure chests - spend tickets, get random epicness!

Quests - complete daily quest to receive lots of gifts!

Ranking - are you ready to fight for the first place?

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

All the best,
CreaGames Team