International Women's Day in Rise of Angels

Rise Of Angels

04.03.2021 21:15 Views: 269


It is time to announce the most anticipated spring Event - International Women's Day holiday events will be awaiting you from 6am March 5 to 6am March 12. Awesome prizes, fun activities and lots of friends!

Diamonds - 25% more Diamonds for usual price! 

Login reward - log in every day to claim useful rewards!

Recharge ranking - recharge and get a nice bonus for free!

Sale - unique items for a bunch of shiny stones!

Treasure chest - spend tickets, get random epicness!

Quests - complete daily quest to receive lots of gifts!

Ranking - are you ready to fight for the first place?

Game Mania - play a game inside a game, oustanding move worth a high-budget film!

Have fun, heroes!

All the best, CreaGames Team