The Third Age goes live!

The Third Age

24.02.2021 12:30 Views: 738

Dear friends, 

Our new MMORPG with RTS elements The Third Age goes live today! 

A brave new world of vivid graphics, mighty armies, and ruthless monsters is open for the trailblazers. Learn all about the confrontation between three factions, explore new lands, and set off on thrilling adventures with Third Age — a striking embodiment of the MMORPG genre! Prepare for the battle of the century and become the ruler of your own kingdom!

Special features

  • Three legendary factions — don’t be a bystander, it’s time to make history!
  • Your own kingdom — mine resources, upgrade buildings and assemble indestructible armies!
  • Fabled heroes and mythical creatures — your legions deserve to be led only by the best of the best!
  • Unique level and skill tree systems — who said a one-man army isn’t a thing?!
  • Brutal sieges and global PvP battles — let the whole world know you’re a master strategist!
  • Powerful guilds — fight beside your brothers and sisters!

Start your epic journey here and follow our official Facebook group to keep an eye on The Third Age! 

All the best,
CreaGames Team