Great Spirit Day events 16.10.20 - 23.10.20

Rise Of Angels

15.10.2020 18:32 Views: 1076

When nature is going to winter hibernation, the time of Great Spirit is about to come. It's mission is to protect lands during frosty season, but traditionally various clans from different territories have to gather together and start a grandiose fest in honor of their defender. So let Great Spirit Day begin and may it bring many adventures, rewards and new friends! All of this will be awaiting from 6am October 16 to  6am October 23 - have fun!

Diamonds - 25% more Diamonds for usual price! 

Login reward - log in every day to claim useful rewards!

Recharge ranking - recharge and get a nice bonus for free!

Sale - unique items for a bunch of shiny stones!

Treasure chests - spend tickets, get random epicness!

Quests - complete daily quest to receive lots of gifts!

Ranking - are you ready to fight for the first place?

Gamemania - play a game inside a game!

Olympus - complete the gods' trials to get amazing rewards!

Goddess Cards - open up the mysterious cards and pave your way to the treasure chests.

Have a splendid fest, heroes!

Best wishes, 
CreaGames Team