Children's Week events 05.06.2020 - 12.06.2020

Rise Of Angels

04.06.2020 17:09 Views: 277

Do you remember how you were waiting for summer days in your childhood, heroes? Well, the summer has come and it's time to remind ourselves what child's excitement truly is. Children's Week events will be entertaining you from 6am June 5 to 6am June 12 - come and join our adventure!

Diamonds - 25% more Diamonds for usual price! 

Login reward - log in every day to claim useful rewards!

Recharge ranking - recharge and get a nice bonus for free!

Sale - unique items for a bunch of shiny stones!

Treasure chests - spend tickets, get random epicness!

Quests - complete daily quest to receive lots of gifts!

Ranking - are you ready to fight for the first place?

Gamemania - play a game inside a game!

Wishing Well - complete the tasks, get the points and choose your prize!

Have great time, heroes!

All the best, CreaGames Team