Update and Weekend events 24.04.2020 - 27.04.2020

Rise Of Angels

23.04.2020 18:17 Views: 886

Hello, heroes!

This weekend is going to be full with even more fun than usually as Update is coming along with our Weekend events. Welcome new activities, great prizes and special skins from 6am April 24, 2020 to 6am April 27, 2020!

Spending Points Exchange
 - spend some diamonds and get goods for free.

Recharge Ranking - get to the top and get awesome gifts!

Faberge Museum - crack some eggs and get valuable items.

We have also prepared lots of interesting and brand new stuff in Update, too. Let's see what we've got here.

Set - activate the effects of your set and increase its star level to become even more powerful!

Feats - invest materials and receive feat points to level-up and increase your defense index.

Treasure Island - come with your team with the expedition and take the first place to get the trophies.

Monster - have you ever dreamt of monsters on your team? Well, collect 5 elements, and different mighty creatures will be reborn and get ready to support your character in the battle!

Have a glorious weekend and enjoy the game, heroes!

All the best,

CreaGames Team