Update 22.11.2019

Rise Of Angels

21.11.2019 14:25 Views: 579

Tomorrow, November 22, we update Rise of Angels - plenty of features both for advanced and new players. Welcome new mechanics and some improved events as well!

Pray to the Gods - you have 10 tries a day to strenghen yourself. It becomes available at the first Rebirth level.

Willpower - use it to level up your character's stats! Availavle at the first Rebirth level as well. 

Goddess Sign - three signs to make your Goddesses even more powerful! It just needs some Powder to hapen.

Search for Relics - two Goddesses are able to start their adventure. 5 relics and lots of Powder can be found on the way.

There are also some changes and developments to Dwarven Treasures and Synthesis of gems - enjoy them all, heroes!

Best wishes,

RoA Team