Settings guide

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06.11.2018 15:00

Rating system becomes available from 63 character level. Ratings update daily at 00:00 am (GMT-5).

To open the rating window you need to click on the rating cup icon you may it at the top right corner of the screen upon the minimap.

You will find two different ratings in this table

  • server
  • cross-server


In each bar you will find the following ratings:

  • CP
  • Level
  • Mount
  • Wings
  • Fairy
  • Shield
  • Relic
  • Track
  • Aura
  • Souls
  • Gem
  • Stars
  • Achievements

By left mouse click on the character, the following window will appear

Where you may select one of the following functions:

  • Profile (to view the player profile)
  • Add to friends
  • Private (to start the private conversation)
  • Invite to Team
  • Copy name
  • Blacklist (to block chat communication with the player)
  • BP (which allows you to compare your BP characteristic with the player)