How to enable Flash Player - Safari

15.08.2019 14:12

1. Scroll the Safari menu and select "Preferences..."

2. Сlick the "Security" button in the "Preferences" tab
3. Ensure that the checkbox labeled "Allow Plug-ins" is checked

4. Click the  "Plug-in Settings..." button
5. Find Adobe Flash Player on the list on the left and turn on the checkbox.

Best wishes, The Creagames Team

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How to enable Flash Player - Mozilla

15.08.2019 14:07

1. After installing Flash Player, type “about:addons” in the address bar and press Enter. Learn more about installing the player here

2. Go to "Plugins" tab. Click onto the dots icon in "Shockwave Flash" section:

3. Select "Always Activate" option. 

Best wishes, The Creagames Team

How to enable Flash Player - Microsoft Edge

15.08.2019 13:43

To enable Flash in Microsoft Edge click this button:

Or follow these steps:

1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser on the computer.
2. Click the icon with three dots in the upper right corner:

3. Select “Options” at the bottom of the menu: 

4. Click “View advanced settings”:

5. Set “Use Adobe Flash Player” to “On”:

6. Reload the page if necessary.

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How to enable Flash Player - Chrome

15.08.2019 13:30

Solution #1

1. Click on the lock icon, which is located to the left of the address bar of your browser;
2. Click on the lock icon;
3. Select “Allow” for Flash;
4. If necessary, restart the browser.


Solution #2

1. Click on the lock icon, which is located to the left of the address bar of your browser;

2. Choose "Site settings";

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How to enable Flash Player - Opera

15.08.2019 13:25

1. Go to the game’s website.

2. To the left of the site address, click on the lock icon.

3. Select the “Allow” option for the game.

4. Restart your browser.

Best wishes, The Creagames Team

Spirit of Luck

16.04.2019 10:37

Spirit of Luck event appears at 83 lvl of your character. It grants a lot of spirit points to improve artifact talents.

You can choose the roulette’s mode: Common, Special and Premium. (1)

  • Simple takes 1 roulette point to give you 1 - 80 spirit points
  • Special takes 3 roulette points to give you 2 - 320 spirit points
  • Premium takes 10 roulette points to ... Read completely >

Dwarven Treasury

05.03.2019 11:53

Dwarven Treasury is available at 56 lvl of your character.

Everyday you have 10 free moves. You can use '10 moves forward' button to do it at once. Free attempts reset every night at midnight. Each additional attempt costs 20 Diamonds. If you press '10 moves forward' you will spend the same amount of Diamonds as for 10 attempts.

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26.02.2019 13:26

You will get your first Mount as soon as your character riches lvl 10.

Mount functional is available at lvl 20.

To increase your Mount’s star level and rank you need Mount Crystals. The amount of crystals needed depends on the rank.
Press Increase button to use one stone or you can press Auto button to increase the experience automatically until you rank up your... Read completely >

Login Reward Guide

08.02.2019 02:00

Temporarily event 'Login Reward' becomes available since 20 level of character development. You can open it by clicking on event's icon in the top-right corner of the screen.


The key idea of the event is the following: you log into the game over a period of 28 days. Each day you will get the reward. Logging in daily will bring you higher rewards. 

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Bounty guide

29.01.2019 02:00

The Bounty tasks become available at 59 Character level. 

You can complete 5 tasks daily, the Bounty contracts refresh daily at 00:00 am. Quests are differed by difficulty as well as the EXP reward for task completion. 
The most valuable are orange tasks with 5 stars. Please also note that the amount of EXP gain also scales with character level.

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