Maintenance 11.03.2022

10.03.2022 22:47


We will install an update at 2022/3/11 01:00-02:30 (server time).

Please stay offline during the maintenance to avoid any data loss. Compensation will be sent after the update. We apologise for all the inconvenience caused.

Thank you for understanding and support.

All the best,
CreaGames Team

New Server - Mei's Blacksmith

02.03.2022 18:04


Brand new server - Mei's Blacksmith - will be opened tomorrow - 03.03.2022 at 02:00 (UTC 0)!

Meil's Blacksmith is famous for it's perfect weapons - best from what you can get during the post apocalypse. Nothing like pieces of furniture, hand-made bows and stone knives. Jist triple-grenade-launcher, DOOM slay'arhg and the Magnificent Private Zone Intruder! ... Read completely >

February Update

23.02.2022 16:31


Tech Department reports: new system file has been installed. Warning! 

Today (23.02.2022) our team has installed a new update for Survivor Legacy.

Here is the list of brand new things:

  • New EX-Class Hero - The Defender;
  • Mighty Commander: added S+Class Hero - The Furious Loli.


December Update and Server merge

14.12.2021 16:25


Tech Department reports: new protocol has been launched. Warning! 

Today (14.10.2021) our team has installed a new update for Survivor Legacy.

Here is the list of brand new things:

Servers merged:

  • W26+W27
  • W28+W29

Notes of server-merging:

  • All deployed troops will be called back to Base;
  • Your Base will be placed automatically on th... Read completely >

New Server - Terran’s Headquarters

28.10.2021 13:25


Brand new server - Terran’s Headquarters - has been opened today - 28.10.2021!

People say nothing will help you in this zombie-world more than a baseball bat. Nonsense. Nothing even stands a chance of overclassing the Hell-bringer 9.000 with it's hand-crafted spikes, electric impulse and built-in flame-thrower. Visit Survivor Legacy and try it yourself! 
... Read completely >

New Server - Akila's Factory

09.09.2021 11:44


Brand new server - Akila's Factory - has been opened today - 09.09.2021!

Sorry but these guys are extending their hands not to shake yours and not to embrace you. They are zombies and all they need is your tasty and juicy flash! So run... or prepare to kill'em all!

All the best,
CreaGames Team

September Update

02.09.2021 14:15


Science Department reports:

Today (02.09.2021) our team has installed a new update for Survivor Legacy.

Here is the list of brand new things:

- Resource Boosts from Heroes now revamped as Hero Specialty. Claim free rewards from the Hero Trial can restore close to your previous statistics gained from Resource Boost;
- Revamped Tavern;
- Add... Read completely >

New Server - Petrez's Pharmacy

29.07.2021 16:04


Brand new server - Petrez's Pharmacy - has been opened today - 29.06.2021!

A little bit crazy but charming survivors - check. Lots of self-made guns and technic - check. Tons of zombies ready to tear you apart? CHECK! Show them what you are made of!

All the best,
CreaGames Team

July Update

15.07.2021 11:04


Science Department reports:

Today (15.07.2021) our team will install a new update for Survivor Legacy. Maintenance may take some time - up to several hours. We will inform you, when the game is available again.

Here is the list of brand new things:

  • Training time for Troops are now restored;
  • Glory Banner's daily purchase limit in Today's Sale adjus... Read completely >

New Server - Sally's Arsenal

24.06.2021 14:09


Brand new server - Sally's Arsenal - has been opened today - 24.06.2021!

It's high time to organize the resistance and defend the Earth from the zombie Apocalypse! Join today - save the humanity! 

All the best,
CreaGames Team