September Update

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02.09.2021 14:15


Science Department reports:

Today (02.09.2021) our team has installed a new update for Survivor Legacy.

Here is the list of brand new things:

- Resource Boosts from Heroes now revamped as Hero Specialty. Claim free rewards from the Hero Trial can restore close to your previous statistics gained from Resource Boost;
- Revamped Tavern;
- Added Equipment Advancements and Material Production in Arms Center;
- Added Clan Exchange to Diplomacy;

Hero adjustments:

The Matron: Elizabeth
Specialty: Scientist -> Hospital Management

The Plague: Petrez
Specialty: Chief Instructor -> Time Plague

The Gladiator: Antonio
A -> S+
Specialty: Scientist -> Gold Warehouse
Military Boost 2: Search for Iron -> Grenadier's Formation
Military Boost 3: Grenadier's Formation -> Grenadier Training

The Robot: Ironheart
Specialty: Scientist -> Master Gatherer
Military Boost 1: Sniper's Precision -> Search for Iron
Military Boost 2: Sniper's Courage -> Sniper's Precision
Military Boost 3: Concealment -> Sniper's Courage

The Bulldog: EL'Bullo
Military Boost 1: Chief Instructor -> Search for Gold
Military Boost 2: Building Master -> Commander's Rage
Military Boost 3: Medical Specialist -> Commander's Inspiration

Don't forget to pay us a visit and try all the amazing features by yourself. 

Stay safe and prosper in this mad zombie world!

All the best,
CreaGames Team