New Server - Gereston

26.05.2022 15:15

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Gereston - has been opened today!

Gereston is the name of the greatest northern warrior who has slayed the horrible dragon of fog. In honor of this victory the whole land has been named Gereston. But lack of dragons does not make it much better and safer.

Are you ready to challenge the difficulties?

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team

New Server - Ica'li Village

23.05.2022 15:30

Mighty Leaders,

​New server - Ica'li Village - has been opened today!

Don't be confused with the "village" term - this place is more of a town than a village. Dozens of houses, hundreds of people and all of them are well prepared for all kinds of resistance. Would you overcome them with outstanding power? Or make a bargain?  

It' all up to you!

Sincerely yours,... Read completely >

New Server - Auroradon

19.05.2022 14:57

Mighty Leaders,

New server - Auroradon - has been opened today!

There are not so many places across the Universe, where ancient magic still exists and shuttered worlds are still united. And Auroradon is one of those. 

Start everything fresh and new!

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team

New Server - Fort Eltur

16.05.2022 18:01

Mighty Leaders,

New server - Fort Eltur - has been opened today!

Like not all heroes wear capes, not all forts serve a great purpose. This one, for example, has been built by evil forces trying to pursue scattered troops of elves and humans. But this is a long history from a long time ago... Now this place is covered with grass and flowers. Still a decent start for a ... Read completely >

New Server - Fort Eisingart

12.05.2022 23:15

Mighty Leaders,

New server - Fort Eisingart - has been opened today!

Don't waste your time - grab all the armies, all the weapons, all the spells and march to the West! Fight for the last Fort standing and become the strongest commander of the region! 

Reign with honor, fight with pride!

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team

New Server - Fort Rouridon

10.05.2022 19:30

Mighty Leaders,

New server - Fort Rouridon - has been opened!

Unlike the previous fort this one has been a little bit... abandoned... If it can be called so, because lots of ghosts and other dark creatures decided that this place will be an amazing home for all of them. If you want to establish a new kingdom right here, it will be better to banish all of those things ... Read completely >

New Server - Fort Mohiga

05.05.2022 12:34

Mighty Leaders,

New server - Fort Mohiga - has been opened today!

It was once the most protected fort with nearly impenetrable walls and hundreds of dwarves protecting the inner lands. But the time  has passed, now Fort Mohiga is abandoned, but it is still a well protected construction and an ideal place for a camp.

Give it a visit! 

Sincerely yours,
CreaGame... Read completely >

New Server - Nilvaton

02.05.2022 14:12

Mighty Leaders,

New server - Nilvaton - has been opened today!

I wish there was no Nilvaton at all... My whole expedition was gone in a blink of an eye when we entered this land of sorrow and horror. Mighty dragons, stone trolls, hungry wargs and all other kinds of unpleasant creatures will make your journey here... unforgettable.

Do you still think that fear is ju... Read completely >

New Server - Darkwater Town

28.04.2022 22:40

Mighty Leaders,

New server - Darkwater Town - has been opened today!

Those are the lands of pirates - dangerous places, where all kinds of bad people can be found. Heavy ships of rotten wood have seen so much blood that all the bloody gods will be shocked. But the Pirate King title is worth all the troubles.

Isn't it? 

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team

New Server - Dessaumead

25.04.2022 17:51

Mighty Leaders,

New server - Dessaumead - has been opened today!

Who knows, what is hidden beneath the meadows with their green tasty grass and colorful flowers... Years of battles, years of blood, forgotten years. But it's time to raise the army of wayward souls and to forge another era!

Wield the swords! 

Sincerely yours,
CreaGames Team