August update

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06.08.2020 17:26

A new update is available! Bug fixes and something new.

Something new: Refined stones
Equipment refine will become a little harder - we are in a process of balancing the game. From now on you should use special refined stones to refine the equipment stats. You will get a high star stats when you use a high level refined stone. Each refine consumes one refined stone. For now refined stones will be available during special events.

Something new: Luck Mark
From now on to enchant equipment you should use a special Luck Mark. You can get it from normal, elite and expert dungeons.

Modified Draw in Elite and Nightmare dungeons: 
You can have one free premium draw after completing elite and expert dungeons. For those who did not reach VIP5, the second draw will cost 25 diamonds, the third draw will cost 50 diamonds.

Don't waste your time and dive in now, heroes! 

Best regards,
CreaGames Team