Keepers Of The Rift

Keepers Of The Rift


Browser game

Welcome to Incuria – a world full of dangers and exciting battles.

The ancient prophecy is coming true, and army of darkness is about to break through the Rift and destroy all life in Incuria. The world is in danger and waits for heroes!

Keepers of the Rift is a new role-playing game, where only tactical decisions and team interaction will lead you to victory. You could think that everything is cute and easy in the very beginning, but wait and you’ll see real hardcore gameplay. Get ready for severe battles, because bosses won’t be punching bags anymore.

This game has a wide range of features and be sure, you definitely find your place in the world of Keepers of the Rift.

● Choose your favorite class: Warrior, Knight, Priest, Engineer, Bard or Hunter. Each class has its own talents and unique features;
● Broad variety of talents will help you to create a unique fighting style. This feature nearly excludes the existence of identical characters;
● Incuria is a large and beautiful land. Be careful and look around, because monsters can attack you at any location;
● Combat system won’t allow you to complete the quest in the Auto Battle mode, no matter how good your stats and equipment are. Boss battles require special tactics, you’ll need to rule all skill combos by yourself if you want to win;
● Pet upgrade system allows you to turn a cute bunny into an invincible war machine, capable of wiping out a whole enemy squad;
● Each guild has its own location, where you can build and upgrade various structures useful to enhance your alliance. Also, guild members have a set of additional talents, which will make your character stronger and teach you how to forge improved equipment;
● Broad range of in-game events such as Marauder Hunt and Elimination Quests won’t let get bored even the most tempted player.

Join the defenders of Incuria, crush the Demon Lord and bring peace back to the continent.