Terms Of Service

1. Interaction with the Project Management

The User (the “Player”) has the right to contact the Project Management for any issues related to the game process, provided the Player meets the following conditions:

1.1 The Player will not contact the Project Management without emergency;
1.2 In any referral of the Player to the Project management, the Player clearly articulates the problem or issue relating specifically to the operation of the server;
1.3 The Player agrees with the condition that the Project Management reserves the right not to answer the Player’s questions;
1.4 The Player will show respect for the Project Management;
1.5 The Player will not express threats of any kind to the Project Management;
1.6 The Player will not interfere with the work of the Project Management;
1.7 The Player is prohibited from wrangling with the Project Management and contesting their actions;
1.8 The Player is prohibited from deceiving the Project Management, spreading rumors and/or slander about the Project and Project Management;
1.9 The Player undertakes not to share, including by posting on the Internet, the conversations with the Project Management, or their contents without prior agreement with the Project Management;
1.10 The Player is prohibited from discussing the punishment imposed by the Project Management.

2. Obligations of the Project Player

2.1. When using the Project and/or participating in the game process, the Player undertakes:

2.1.1 Do not use any means of bypassing restrictions, that is, methods that were not directly allowed and affect the game progress and/or facilitate it (including code that exploits game vulnerabilities), thus providing you and/or any other user an advantage over other players not using such methods;
2.1.2 Do not use the automation of access to the game ("bots"), i.e. any code and/or software that automatically manages the game, character and/or any component or function of the game;
2.1.3 Do not attempt hacking, i.e. accessing the platform software or modifying it by any means;
2.1.4 Do not use any code and/or software that may be used with the platform and/or any of its components or functions to change the course of the game and/or to facilitate or change other functions;
2.1.5 Not to take action for unauthorized access to the gaming account of any other Project Player;
2.1.6 Not to send messages that violate the laws of the Player's country of residence (this rule applies to all possible gaming chats, technical support chat and the Project forum, as well as to any personal correspondence of the Player using the services of the Project, site and forum);
2.1.7 Not to transfer your account information (including, but not limited to, selling, buying, donating, exchanging, transferring to temporary management for real money, and for free), game characters and/or accounts, to any other Players, nor to share messages about such transfer (any mention or discussion of such transactions in the Project, on the forum, as well as on external resources);
2.1.8 Not to exchange in-game valuables and accounts between the game servers of the Project and third-party game projects;
2.1.9 Not to share malicious information that poses a danger to the Players' characters, mail and computers;
2.1.10 Not to carry out actions that may interfere with the game process for other Players.

2.2. For server errors (bugs):

2.2.1 The Player is prohibited from using, discussing and sharing information about server/site errors (bugs) of the Project, as well as data on hacking of the Project;
2.2.2 In case of a server/site error (bug), the Player agrees to report it to the technical support of the Project or any representative of the Project Management.

2.3. When communicating within the framework of the Project, the Player agrees to the following terms and undertakes:

2.3.1 Not to discuss the actions of the Project Management or moderators; not to share negative public statements about the Project Management;
2.3.2 Not to attempt to contest the issued ban (ban) for violations in the Project chat;
2.3.3 When creating a character, not to give it a name containing the reserved words: GM, Admin, Administrator, Moder (and the like), as well as nicknames and names of representatives of the Project Management as previously used, and acting;
2.3.4 Not to impersonate a representative of the Project Management or a proxy of the Project Management, as well as for their relatives or close people;

2.4. When communicating within the framework of the Project, the Player is strictly prohibited from:

2.4.1 Sharing any messages with threats of hacking accounts/mail and real-life violence;
2.4.2 Discussing and/or promoting the use and/or distribution of alcohol products, tobacco products, narcotic and psychotropic substances;
2.4.3 Sharing sexually explicit information with descriptions of sexual or vulgar nature, as well as messages that are unacceptable in a cultural society, for example, overly cynical remarks, descriptions of physiological processes, etc., not intended for public discussion;
2.4.4 Explicitly or indirectly advertising other online games, any extraneous projects, and actively discussing them in the chat;
2.4.5 Sharing adverse publicity and/or criticism, as well as obscene, offensive and other unacceptable statements about the Project;
2.4.6 Sharing messages of a discriminatory nature (relating to religion, race, nationality, gender, etc.), aimed at humiliating human dignity;
2.4.7 Creating clan names, abbreviations of clans, names of characters that offend other Players or simply contain explicit, vulgar, abusive vocabulary;
2.4.8 Using abusive and/or obscene expressions directed both at someone and unaddressed, veiled expressions, if they have a double meaning and can be regarded as vulgar or obscene (replacing the letters in words with dots, commas, asterisks and other symbols); intentional spelling of the nickname with an error in the chat of the game in order to ridicule/offend another Player;
2.4.9 Creating a flood that interferes with the communication of other Players; spam and targeted actions to clog the game chat (including writing meaningless messages that make communication difficult for other Players), while multiple messages and invitations to the guild are allowed no more than once every 30 minutes;
2.4.10 Using phrases more than half of which consists of uppercase letters (CAPS), as well as the use of "jumping text";
2.4.11 Trolling and/or provoking other players to some violation of chat rules, stirring up conflicts, aggravating negative situations, or aimless confrontation;
2.4.12 Explicitly or indirectly advertising sexual services and/or erotic (pornographic) materials;
2.4.13 Threatening other Players in any way if the threat is not part of the role-play (role-playing game);
2.4.14 Sharing false and unsupported information about the Project and/or the Project Management, which can lead to negative consequences for the game process and the Project as a whole;
2.4.15 Sharing false and unsupported information about other Project Players;
2.4.16 Intrusive communication, as well as requests, for example, such as: recharging the account, buying VIPs, etc.;
2.4.17 Sharing the contact information of the Project Players without their permission to publish;
2.4.18 Excessive deliberate distortion of the Project language that makes it difficult to perceive the meaning of the statement, as well as the use of any slang (criminal, etc.), except for the game slang.

3. Project Moderator

3.1. Project Moderator is the representative of the Project Management in the Players relations.
3.2. Project Moderator is subject to the conditions of Section 1 of these Terms.
3.3. The Moderator is prohibited from abusing his or her official position and using it to achieve any benefit.
3.4. The Moderator is obliged to:

3.4.1 Follow all the chat rooms of the game;
3.4.2 Be honest and impartial with respect to all Players;
3.4.3 Strictly observe the rules of the chat, and also be polite and correct with any Player;
3.4.4 Maintain order in game chat;
3.4.5 To put all the penalties imposed by him or her into writing.

3.5. The Moderator has the right to:

3.5.1 Issue a warning to the Player who violated these Terms if the violation was insignificant;
3.5.2 Without warning, block the Player who violated these Terms from sending chat messages;
3.5.3 Give an independent assessment of the conformity of the Player's actions to these Terms;
3.5.4 Increase the term of punishment upon repeated violation of the Terms by the Player.

3.6. The Project Management has the right to:

3.6.1 Depending on the degree of guilt, issue the Player a restriction on chatting, on the forum or completely block the character for violating these Terms;
3.6.2 Limit the Player’s access to the functionality of the Project (chatting in the gaming chat room and/or access to the Player's account) without warning for violating these Terms and/or the License Agreement, as well as for activities that are clearly detrimental to the Project organization and/or game process, but not directly stipulated in these Terms;
3.6.3 Delete or block the Player's account (or the Player’s game character) for repeated violation of these Terms. The Project Management shall not reimburse or compensate the Player for the material resources spent by him or her;
3.6.4 Seize in-game values from the Player if there are good reasons.

3.7. In case of suspicions that the character was hacked, the Project Management can block the account until the owner appears. After checking and confirming the account holder, the block is removed.
3.8. Complaints and questions regarding penalties in the Project (blocking chat and character) are accepted only in the "Complaints against moderators" forum section. The complaint must be stated reasonably, without emotion and violation of the remaining paragraphs of the Terms.

4. Other provisions
4.1. These Terms can be added to and changed by the Project Management without warning the Players. The Player agrees to follow the updates of the Terms. Ignorance of the Terms does not relieve the Player of responsibility for their violation.
4.2. The Player is obliged to independently ensure the complexity and secrecy of his or her password and other necessary data. The Player is also responsible for the disclosure of his or her username, password, authorization code to access the Game Client, as well as all risks (losses) associated with possible disclosure.
4.3. The player independently chooses the name of his character, the name of the team or guild (when they are created or modified), using for their compilation the letters of the Latin alphabet, Cyrillic alphabet or numbers. Any partial, as well as full use of special characters * in the name, team name or guild the player performs at his discretion. For the consequences associated with their use, the administration does not bear responsibility, nor does it provide a service for renaming manually if there are special items in the game. The administration has the right to rename the character, team or guild using special symbols, if necessary.
* Any character that is not letters of the Latin alphabet, Cyrillic alphabet or a number. For example: !,",№,;,%,:,?,*,(,),_,-,+,=,•,€,‰,☺,♠,♀,♂,☼,♥,♦ and etc.