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05.06.2019 12:39

This function will help you to equip, to boost, rank up, mold and refine your equipment for hero and recruits.


In this tab you can see all equipment that you have. You can put this equipment on your hero or recruits. You just need to click on certain subject, that you want to put on, that you can see in the right part of the window.


Boosting is an opportunity to increase equipment level, and its characteristics.

Boosting can be standard and high-level. At standard boosting level increases at 1 point, at high-level your level increases at 10. Both types of boosting require Dimes spending. Level of boosting can't be higher than the level of your main hero.

Rank up

You can Rank up your equipment in the presence of necessary resources. It can be different scrolls, diamonds or meteorites.



Molding is similar to Rank up. You also need different resources.

But Molding can be provided only to Ranked up equipment.

Pieces of equipment which haven't been improved yet or have already been synthesized once, repeatedly can't be synthesize (they'll be gray in a tab).


This function increases characteristics of your equipment.

For this function you'll need Refinement Stones. They are three types: low-level, mid-level and high-level. For one type of refinement you can use all 3 stones.