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How do I find my ID in the game?
Finding out your ID is very simple:

1. First, just enter the game

2.Right click anywhere on the screen

3.Click "Copy character ID" and your ID will be copied to the clipboard.

4. Open a text document and click insert

5. Here is your game ID for a Nice game.
I can't enter the game (gives an error). What should I do?

First, try clearing your browser's cache / cookies. These actions will free your HDD from junk and speed up your browser's performance.

When clearing browser cache and cookies (ALWAYS specify the period "for all time"). You can manually clear your browser cache as follows:

Google Chrome (Yandex browser, Chromium): Tools (Ctrl + Shift + Del) -> Clear browsing data -> Select cache -> Clear browsing data

Safari: Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + E

Opera: Press the key combination Ctrl + F12, select the "Extensions" tab and click on "History", then click clear and close this window.

Mozilla Firefox: Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Del, in the top item "Clear" select "All", leave a check mark only on "Cache" and click clear now.

Try the following:

1. Remove the flash player completely -

2. Just in case, check if there are any cache files left and clean them too. To do this, follow the link:
In the settings manager that appears, select a website and click the "Delete website" button.

3. Clear browser cache and update browser version to the latest

4. Restart browser

5. Install the latest flash player. This can be done by going to the required browser by the link:

6. Try to enter the game and see if the error persists.

If these steps did not help, try installing the plugin for ZenMate. The program is free. After installing and enabling (the shield should be green, re-enter the game.

You can install an extension for Google Chrome.

The extension is located at this link

The game freezes, lags. What should I do?

1. You need to clear your browser cache

2. Check for Flash Player update

3. disable all browser extensions for the game page

4. If the problem persists, try entering the game through a different browser

5. Close all third-party tabs and disable programs

6. Perhaps your Internet speed is not enough, try disabling programs that require an Internet connection

7. Check your computer for viruses, they can significantly reduce the performance of your system

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