Guild Wars

17.07.2019 18:31

A new guild war system is introduced in this update. 

Eternal Fury team

Troops - Bond System

17.07.2019 13:09

A new Bond system is introduced in this update.

Eternal Fury team

Mercs - Archers

03.07.2019 18:34

Mercenaries' descriptions will be available in this section. 
This time we will discuss Archers. 




Eternal Fury team

Troops - Army Upgrade

30.05.2019 18:10

We continue with the "Troops". This time we will talk about the army. 

Troops - Mercenaries Upgrade

28.05.2019 13:43

The "Troops" give you the ability to upgrade your mercenaries and your soldiers to make your army stronger.
Look at the chart below for more information :)

Don't forget that after the upgrade you can't downgrade your mercenary! 
All the changes are irreversible, so choose wisely!

Eternal Fury team

VIP System Guide

22.05.2019 01:30

The VIP system grants additional privileges for the players. 
You can see those in this chart.

CreaGames Team

Promo Code activation guide

20.05.2019 11:30

In order to activate a Promo Code, you should access the "Redeem a code" menu.

To do so, click on the gear icon on top of your screen. 

Click the "Redeem code" button on the left bottom side of the window.

...  and claim the price you've won, enter a Promo Code! 
It's simple as that. 

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