16.01.2017 12:00 Promo-codes giveaway is very soon!

Soon we’re going to have promo-codes giveaway!

31.12.2016 12:00 Happy New Year!!!

Dear friends, we wish you a Happy New Year! :)

25.12.2016 12:00 Merry Christmas!

Our team wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

08.12.2016 12:00 Merge!

Today (12.08.2016, 05:00 NY USA, UTC-4) we're having an update (and please do not play Guns and Magic during the update, about 2 hours).

07.12.2016 12:00 US server 16 - "Ghost City" opens tomorrow!

New US server "Ghost City" opens tomorrow at 12.00 pm (NY, UTC-4), and we've got some special activities lined up for its launch. Feel the power of "Guns and Magic"!

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