Easter Sale!!!

21.04.2019 10:15 Просмотров: 206

Easter is coming and we have a very special sale for you!

We offer you discounts up to 50% on different items in the game Store.
Also, only during this Easter sale we will add some valuable game items to the Store! You will have a unique chance to buy Breakout Stones, rare Steeds, Wings and even more!

The sale starts on 04/21/2019 and lasts til 04/30/2019. Don't miss the opportunity to take an advantage of this beneficial offer!

!To open the sale we will have to carry out the maintenance. US servers will be down at 12:00 am server time 04/21/2019, EU servers - at 6:00 pm server time 04/21/2019. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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