Win up to 20000 gold!

14.06.2018 12:10 Просмотров: 594

FIFA World Cup starts today! It’s a real holiday for all football lovers!

We have a special event for you - a chance to win up to 20000 GOLD!!!

To take part in the event you should spend 50$ or more to purchase gold during the event period (06/14/2018 till 06/20/2018).

Every participant will get a guaranteed prize - 3 Breakthrough stones!

But that’s only the beginning.

Each participant will have a chance to check his intuition and win an amazing prize:

to win it you need to guess top 3 teams of the tournament

  • If you guess one you will get 25 prayer coins;
  • For 2 countries you will get a gem and a rune lvl 7 (on your choice);
  • For 3 countries (in the wrong order) you will get a Battle Panda Steed;
  • And those lucky participants who will write all top 3 countries in the right order will get the prize of 20000 gold!!! (will be shared equally between the winners)

Prizes are summed up! (for example, if you guess 2 countries, you will get 25 prayer coins + gem and rune)

The player, who purchases more gold than others will also get a special prize - Crystalline Love wings!

Don’t miss this unique chance to get these rare and valuable game items!

We wish you good luck!

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