Maintenance work on August 12. Description of an update.

11.08.2016 19:00 Просмотров: 470

Dear players!

Tomorrow all our servers will be brought down for usual update maintenance at 5.00 AM (NY, USA; UTC-4) on 08/12/2016, we estimate it to be around 2 hours, so please, don’t play the game this time.

The following functions will be added:

1. «Free Balance Refill» event.

During the event, you can get a reward by buying a certain amount of Gold in one day. 

Every day at 00:00, your event progress and progress towards this reward are reset.

So you’d better hurry!

2. Six new Talent Cards added.

You'll be able to use new cards as: Priestess, Empress, Emperor, Father, Lovers, Chariot.

Each of them has it's own effect.

It will help you to be stronger and increase your character.


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