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G’n’M is a free MMORPG in steampunk genre. Welcome to this unique world which combines high-tech and fantasy!
On your way through the wonderful Guns’n’Magic lands you will meet Light and Dark elves, robots, cunning pirates, demons and mythological beasts! Some of them will help and teach, some will stand in your way.
Feel the power of magic, breathe deeply the air, imbued with the spirit of adventure!

Specific game features

  • Colorful graphics in Asian style, detailed locations that change as you increase your level and power;
  • Two game classes: swordsman - always at the forefront, inflicts devastating attacks and chained in strong armor, sniper - acts from afar, destroying enemies with her rocket launcher and accurate shots;
  • Complement your team with charismatic heroes, who have their own set of talents and skills, and improve their characteristics for fulminant victories over the enemy;
  • Explore dungeons, fight bosses, test yourself in the Temple of Trials, travel to the Mysterious Island and get valuable reward;
  • PvP fans will not be bored in the Arena, where they can challenge the most furious opponents and show their skills.
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