Clash of Legions gives 30 000 CGs away!

Clash of Legions

12.10.2020 19:55 Views: 483

Clash of Legions, brand new mobile strategy from CreaGames, is now available for players from the US.
Dive into incredible adventures, enjoy familiar to all RTS fans gameplay and take part in epic real-time battles. 

From October, 12 to October, 18, each Clash of Legions player will be able to take part in a competition with a prize pool of 30,000 CreaGames portal currency!

Already thinking how you’re going to spend it? At first follow these easy steps:

  •  Subscribe to the CreaGames group;
  •  Join the official Clash of Legions community;
  •  Play as many matches as possible and rise to the top the ladder;
  •  Send a private message with your Clash of Legions ID and e-mail address you used to register on the CreaGames website to the official CreaGames group.

The winners will be randomly selected from the pool of players who have met all the conditions above. The more ranked battles you win, the better your chances of winning the competition. 

In the end ten lucky players will receive 3,000 CG as a reward. The results will be announced one week after the competition ends.

Stay tuned for updates and good luck!

Lots of love,