Clash of Legions is a powerful mix of real-time tactical battles, resource mining, and base management. Every decision plays a role in your ultimate fate in the game.
Don’t miss your chance to become one of the first explorers in a new world of relentless battles and glorious warriors!

True RTS
with the coolest tactics!

In your army

Tide Commander

This beautiful young sorceress is a welcome hero on any team. Her brutal spells can push the enemies back and make them shake in their boots!


A wayward fireball-wielding mage whose attacks turn enemies into ashes. When he falls into frenzy, Pyromancer unleashes a fiery inferno.


Gnolls love war so much, they will do anything to feel the waves of sheer despair when the enemies realize there’s no way out.


Thanks to his summoning abilities, you get to command an army of the dead. Sometimes, quantity over quality really is the way to go.

Sneak Bomber

These cave dwellers rarely see the light of day. They’re ready to give their lives for the tribe, and they’ll take quite a few enemies with them.