Keepers Of The Rift

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It is difficult to win a battle without devoted friends and true allies. And the ones you need are your Companions

When you reach level 13 you’ll be able to recruit your first Companions.

At first you have only one Formation of fighters - as you increase your level you will get 2 groups more.

The more Companions you have - the more variants of battle combinations you’ll be able to create: different enemies require different types of combat groups - so you’ll be able to change your strategic formation easily.


There are 35 battle companions.

Just as the main heroes the Companions are divided into several classes according to their abilities. Each Companion has their own set of skills which are different even for heroes of the same class. Each week the game allows you to hire different recruits. That will help you to learn more about each recruit and decide who of them suits you best.

If you like one or several recruits you can hire them for additional day, or week, or even forever!


Depending on the rank of a Companion - A, B, S, SS, SSS - each of them have definite amount of skills. The better the rank - the better the skills. But to learn them better you should try the Companion yourself.


There are 4 groups of Companions: Physical Attack, Magical Attack, Control or Support.

Physical and Magical Attacks are just what they seem - they are best at damage. Additionally some of them can increase defence of the party and steal HP from the enemy.   


Control Companions are very useful in the battle: they can cast spells that will make the enemy attack his own allies or prevent them from moving at all.

Support Companions can heal or even revive allies. Also they can reduce enemy’s defense and steal their HP.

Find your best team!