Dice Throw

21.06.2016 09:00

“Dice throw” it’s a daily event, where you can win dimes, coupon and other gifts.

Initially the player has 10 throws of a dice. Throwing a dice, the player circles, after passing a cirlce the player receive an award.

On the way it’s possible to get on one of 4 types of cages:

  • A cell with pig in a poke: on this cell of the player can wait anything;
  • Coupons;
  • A cell of chance: the player receives additional throws of dice;
  • task cell: after task finished appointed this cell, the player receives a reward. Tasks can be absolutely different: boost any equipment, clear any single-player dungeon, fight in arena battle and etc.  If you can’t complete a task , you can click “Reject Quest”, that means you won’t get a reward and continue throwing dice.

Depending on your luck, you will be able to receive up to 6 dice toss reward chests following the results of passing.

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