Guild. Light or Darkness?

13.02.2016 09:00


As soon as you get lvl 32 you get a very important option which will make you stronger and help you to find true friends and real support in game events and adventures - GUILD

Click the icon of Guild and you’ll be offered to make a choice which you won’t be able to change afterwards!

Choose your side – Light or Darkness – and that will define further choice of Guild. If you choose Light you won’t be able to join the guild which was organized by a player who plays for Darkness!!!

Usually there is a small award for joining one of the sides but it isn’t really necessary to choose it

ADVICE: If you have already made acquaintances on the server and would like to play with them in the same guild – ask what side did they choose!

After making a decision between Light and Darkness you face the next choice -to organize your own guild or to join the one which already exists.

Making a guild costs 10 espero and joining the existing one is free.

Click “Claim” next to the guild you want to join and its leader will receive a message about your wish:

If the leader accepts you – you’ll get the access to most of the guild functions. Others will become available after you increase your level.

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